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Watch ole Henry K close! He is likely to be in a meeting involving one of the Rothschild's a short while after meeting with Trump. I believe he is the messenger to for both so they can continue the illusion of disdain for each other. He and L. D. have actually been buds for years.

This meeting is a progress report for how things are going in the hold out countries to the new world order so Kissinger can report it back to his handlers. Trump picked up where Barry O' left off you see? Syria and then moved right into Kim over in North Korea. Both hold out countries to the New World Order and they'll wreck NK, they'll wreck Iran and they are currently wrecking Cuba and Syria so once these all fall and a few provinces in China are under their umbrella they'll have a new central bank, a FED Rothschild owned bank in every one of these hold out countries sealing the NWO and of course all to ''help the people" by loaning them new money to rebuild!
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