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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
The KGB doesn't even exist anymore.
This thread is based on the story that Henry Kissinger was recruited by the KGB’s ODRA in 1945, 1946 under the codename “Bor”, when the KGB still existed (these days the name “KGB” is still more familiar to most, than the follow-up names).
This was reported by Michael Goleniewski, who had worked as local head of the Polish intelligence agency GZI, to the CIA in 1961 and was (first?) made public in 1974.

Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
Kissinger was not unknown in 1961. Not by a longshot, he was already a key member of the CFR and working on the national security council of the President.
I didn’t even known that he already worked as a consultant for President Kennedy...
Most people had never even heard about Henry Kissinger until he became Richard Nixon’s National Security Advisor in 1969.
Henry Kissinger did become a member of the CFR in 1956, when he was already working for David Rockefeller, but doesn’t prove your point. These days, the CFR has some 4900 members, most of these members are relatively unknown.

Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
If you are suggesting that he is a KGB agent and his goal is to do what ?

If anything its more likely he is a double agent who would have been spying on the USSR, there were plenty of those.
There is no difference between the goals of the KGB, CIA, British intelligence, Mossad, CFR, or even your favourite Council, the CNP.
In 1961, Kissinger was first and foremost a Rockefeller agent.
The idea that he was a “double agent” would only have relevance if the “Cold War” wasn’t a complete fraud. All of these intelligence agencies effectively work for the one-world-dictatorship “NWO”.

Vladimir Putin has claimed that he first met Henry Kissinger in the 1990s. According to Putin, Henry asked him lots of questions about his background.
In Putin’s “First Person” (2000) autobiography, he claimed that at this occasion he told Kissinger “I worked in intelligence”. To which Kissinger replied: “All decent people got their start in intelligence. I did, too”.

Kissinger once compared Putin to a "character out of Dostoyevsky” and said of Vladimir
He is a man with a great sense of connection, an inward connection, to Russian history as he sees it.
According to former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, Kissinger is one of the 3 “Americans” that have met Putin most frequently from 2012 to 2014, along with movie star Steven Seagal and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson (Trump’s secretary of state):
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