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Other features of the genysys film include timetravel and also the merging of man and machine with one of the key characters being assimilated into skynet through some sort of nanobots who are able to change shape and mimic humans

The merging of man and machine is called transhumanism and Icke has spoken a lot about this.

The transhuman character then urges other humans to also assimilate and allow their bodies to be altered on a 'cellular level'. The transformation the character informs us has left him devoid of emotion, thereby robbing him of his essential humanity

This is much like being assimilated into the star trekian 'borg'

nanobots have even featured in chidlrens film 'big hero 6' where the bad guy is able to control shape-shifting nanobots that work together to build various forms and move in various ways

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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