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So genysys depicts the internet of things as the bridge between the artifical intelligence and the wider control of the worlds electrical devices

At the moment we see militaries in many countries investing heavily in DRONE technology and we even have star wars movies talking of 'drone wars'

These drones are of course flightless and they are working to develop autonomous machiens that will be able to work without human controls raising ethical questions of how such machines would carry out target acquisition

For example would the machine only shoot someone with a weapon in a war zone or would it blast anything with a heat signature including little children and animals?

also how does the machines distinguish between a weapon and a camera for example?

They have created a 'smart' grid now with facial recognition software being employed around some cities including glasgow and this essentially means people are tracked everywhere they go even if they have done nothing wrong

Here's the scene from the terminator series where skynet goes online and turns humanities drones against itself:

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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