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Last years genysys film depicts everyone in 2017 as completely addicted to smart phones and tablets. A new application called 'genysys' is then marketted to everyone as being able to link their phone and computer to all of their other electrical devices. Why this would be seen as a good thing escapes me but no doubt some people would think it is 'cool'

However genysys it turns out is the artifical intelligence which becomes skynet and once it is plugged into the internet and has access to everyones devices it launches a nuclear attack against humanity using humanities own missiles; this attack is then called 'judgement day'. Unfortunately the whole of humanity then has to pay the price of the hubris of the irresponsible scientists who keep driving this dangerous tech

The set up outlined in the movie is clearly the 'internet of things' which the Director of National Intelligence General Clapper has already discussed whereby all electrical appliances are connected and all communicate to each other

Your fridge will tell you when you run out of milk and your smart meter will tell the energy corporations about everything you do electronically in your house, your phone will track you everywhere you go, your body will fill with nanotechnology 'smart' dust dropped by planes into the atmosphere and your body will become an antenna which can then be modulated via RF microwaves from the cellphone towers that have been built everywhere

Here's a google exec talking about a new pill they have that will turn your body into an antenna; as mentioned in the clip DAARPA is linked to google (and the pentagon)

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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