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Default Terminator Genysys and the rise of the machines

'Terminator Genysys' was released in 2015 and is the latest in the 'Terminator' series of films

As we all know the terminator films have all involved the rise of a machine consciousness which has then waged war against humanity in a battle of supremacy over the earth. The machine mind was called 'skynet' and there is in fact now a military satellite system in space called 'skynet' which is pretty ominous

The first film came out in 1984 and featured terminator robots devoid of any human empathy; since then we have seen DAARPA develop a range of robots which closely resemble the terminator robots. Watching these robots its easy to wonder what their possible applications could be?

Might they have military applications or policing applications and if that is the case then who would they wage war on and who would they police?

With the passing of the NDAA the US homeland is now specified as part of the global battlefield which makes it legal for military deployments on US soil

Here's a clip showing the DAARPA robots. More about genysys in the next post

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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