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Default I just keep reading

For the most part this seems to be a UK thread. Children seem to be ending up in the hands of paedo tories? I don't believe things are better here ending in MK-Ultra.

Now let me get down to some real non compliance. I read the other day that in the EU near some of these refugees that the parents were advised their girls should not wear short skirts because it could anger some of these invaders and the children could be raped.

What the hell is wrong with these governments? What's wrong with the refugees? I can tell you. The so called refugees come with their own law hiding behind a religious right they have concocted. They do not care about the laws of the land they invade.

They do more than this that is not civilized and though late let me warn you about acid in the face if a girl says no to accepting advances that are not wanted. How about stoning women and children in the streets and abducting trafficking women and children. Taking these in will end your decent way of life. Your government is perfectly aware. The US government has ordered the troops in Afghanistan to stand down when the see children being beaten, raped, and killed. You had better look around and figure out what they are trying to force down your throats now!
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