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Default non compliance

Just a quick note on this matter. Payed a visit to my local MP and confronted her with many subjects 911 7-7 chem trailing etc.... not bothered, stuned actually, had it been question time it would have been hilarious.
I Confronted my local councillers in a debate about the future cuts in front of around one hundred local residents, after i hammered them and made them feel small I finished by shouting at the residents "wake up" stop listening to these pathetic people they are nothing stop giving them your money. Then casually threw the mic on their table and told them all they are getting nothing from me... I walked out followed by almost half the audience. Once people start to act against the system in a cool manner, they go to pieces

It`s just like what david said last year, pay your tv licence NO, pay your council tax NO and what can they do nothing it`s ace,
know your rights, stand up and be counted dont be afraid its all BULLSHIT and I am no sheep. peace and love
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