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Originally Posted by zhiba View Post
The soul does not need a body or physical form to progress and learn.
And that's my point: yes it does.

The whole reason we incarnate, as I believe, is because a spirit, a soul, can
not grow, evolve and learn within the spirit world. In the spirit world you do
not have time the way it exists within physical reality, and without time you
have no change, since change requires a past, present and future.

So a spirit can sit within the spiritual realms for eons, it can store some type
of knowledge through connection, but it cannot evolve or grow, it cannot
truly learn.

The only way for a soul to evolve, is by incarnating into the physical world.

That is part of why the physical world is not just an illusion with no meaning,
or a hologram to trap us, it is what really matters. Our lives here on Earth, or
on any planet, are undescribably precious and valuable, because we really do
not get a lot of time within the physical.

Every second we can spend in the physical, is incredibly valuable, and that's
why I think calling physical reality a meaningless illusion or hologram really does
not honor it for what it really is.

This is also why no soul ever stops incarnating, evolution is eternal, and no
soul ever reaches a moment where it can no longer learn from reincarnation in
the physical Universe. Learning through reincarnation is an eternal process.

Life like here on Earth, isn't fun, we feel it's a prison, but the reason we have
come here, by free choice, is to change the world into the paradise it was
always meant to be. We didn't come here just to gain experience, we came
here to change the world and reverse the damage the darkness did to it.

A soul that incarnates under normal circumstances, without extreme oppression
from darkness, will incarnate with all its memories fully intact.. and you keep
all your memories your whole life, then the next life you just pick up where you
left off.

This veil of amnesia is not meant to exist, it was created to stop us from being
able to fulfill our purpose, since we got born not even knowing our purpose. Life
is a lot more fun if you're fully aware and awake, with all memories from eons &
eons fully intact. But sadly being born as a blank is sometimes part of being
born on an invaded planet, it's something we have to deal with until we're able
to permanently lift the veil and remove it forever.

When a planet is saved, some souls then stay with the planet until it lives out
its natural life, while other souls move on to the next invaded planet that needs
our help.

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