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Originally Posted by paradise found View Post
Originally Posted by zhiba
The soul does not need a body or physical form to progress and learn.
It does for this part of our spiritual evolution, though, hence our beingness here.

But many souls are trapped here by the dominant forces at work who wish to stall our awakening also. The reincarnation cycle is also about focusing on containing a captive audience just as much as it is about 'learning.'

Our be-ing-ness is almost as multifaceted as the human race, not everyone is here to learn, some are here in a perpetual cycle - perhaps the lesson is how to learn to escape that perpetualness, though it is difficult to escape something that you are not aware ensnares you.

Many reincarnate due to life-long attachments, fear and the love they have for incarnate beings as well as the Earth Mother, many reincarnate / become physical to aid the progression of others - either on the macro or cosmic scale, so for them it is more that they can do more good on a physical level than they can to actually partake in learning - the physical form then becomes a progression of their own compassion toward aiding other and enlightening other to their divine truth - to the illusion that is to the senses very, very real - yet from beyond the realm of senses it is a deceptive illusory perception of what really is real

The need for physicality is fleeting, though i agree the need shouldn't be ignored.

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