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Originally Posted by zhiba View Post
Yes, we do live in a matrix, it is quite a complex one though

Your post reflects as a matter reflection of an idea of body consciousnesses only.

Do you think that the spirit or soul is limited by ones physicality, or the physicality of the matrix construct?

Is the idea that 'everything an illusion' illusory to the soul or the physical form?

What i'm suggesting is that the matrix is real in a physical sense to the physical form - because both are made from the same building blocks, both come from the same place - but to the soul, those building blocks are simply illusions that aid it to understand something . To the soul the matrix is an illusion - would you agree or disagree?
Why would physical reality be an illusion? An illusion suggests that something
is not real, that it is just a fleeting phantom with no real impact on anything.

Where as I believe that physical reality is simply a much more dense form of
spiritual reality, it is something very different, but in the end still made from
the same building blocks: energy. However it is far too dense and far too real
and impacting on all that exists, to call it a mere illusion or hologram.

Physical reality is what matters, it is here that our souls can learn, it is here in
this physical reality that the laws of the Universe get changed and evolve in,
it is the physical reality that impacts all of reality, it is the most important part
of reality, it is the reason why existence can exist the way it does.

Souls spend most of their time in their spirit world, maybe 0.001% of our time
we are incarnated, though usually we incarnate in bursts, many incarnations
right after the other, and when the task is done a very long pause.

But it is through incarnation, that we evolve as spirits, because a spirit can't
evolve within the spirit world, time doesn't exist there the way it does here in
the physical reality, and it is time that is necessary for evolution and growth.

Evolution requires change, and change requires future/present/past: time.

And time only exists like this in the physical reality.

An illusion is something that a false spirit guide would create for us, maybe an
illusionary past life, shown to us like a movie, or maybe an illusory experience
to make us believe certain things they want us to believe, etc.. those are the
real illusions.

Reality can exist in three stages: solid (physical), liquid (semi physical) and
gaseous (spiritual).

This physical reality is solid, like ice, the spiritual reality is gaseous, like vapor,
and the worlds inbetween, such as those of the elementals and nature spirits,
and many type of lifeforms on planets that seem dead and barren, are liquid,
such as water, invisible to an observer without higher awareness.

None of these realities are illusions, they're just reality on different frequencies,
on different vibrational existences.

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