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Default When you've quite finished bickering? ...Please!?!

I'm sorry to keep butting in, and it's obvious that you chaps are having a hoot ripping into each other's every detail, but really! How old are you guys? Get a f*cking grip here dudes, we are ALL on the same team are we not? In-fighting is what they teach us to do! It takes a lot of work, but we willingly co-operate because we're all educated to be identical.

Really, you're not arguing about anything of any importance are you? And to be fair I'm genuinely gobsmacked by the lack of respect in welcoming a newbie... or indeed someone issuing a cry for help. For that person to issue a second cry, and for you to then carry on arguing around it like kids in the playground, I find quite rude.

10 years ago I'd have run from this site and not come back, it would have wounded me personally. I would have thought it was a slight at me. It may well be, but it looks more like stagnant testosterone. Sorry, but you peeps need telling - well, if I'm ever gon' get my point across at least!

Please, I need some help here. And the whole time-sensitive thing? That's still in effect, just so you know.

Seriously geezers, let's fight THEM, not each other! Yeah?!

Peace, love and little fluffy pink things wot do 'av lickul lights on and glitta and stuff

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If not now? When? If not Us? WHO???
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