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Originally Posted by kaisersozey View Post
My point was in context dear boy.
You said that having no vaccinations and being exposed to infected children caused you a miserable time.
Ummm ... no;

Originally Posted by yozhik View Post
Bloody miserable first few years
Measles, mumps, chicken pox ... you name it - I had had it.
But no needles required and it sorted it for life.

Originally Posted by kaisersozey View Post
Or are you suggesting you meant something different?

As already asked of you; as a child, was your experience of measles or mumps or chicken pox a truly euphoric experience? Or, as most children agree, a pretty miserable time?

Look ... seriously ... what point are you trying to make?
Or are you wanting to have the last word and desperately needing to 'score the last point' in some undefined battle of words?

I've made my position clear.

I stated that;
-- my 'vaccination' was done naturally.
-- it is my preference
-- in context, mumps, measles, etc AS A CHILD are fairly miserable experiences.

Where is the confusion there?
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