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Default My imagery reset

Sorry if my imagery beening pull effect your topic, Im not been meen, I need my imgery space

You can request a repost of the imagery, or you can request to display unnamed works, you could of have pulled them, from the post, for a repost.

I only get 100 images pre free account, this is much better then most site of this kind.

Over the passed year I have shown and display to the world a very large number of never before imagery.

I have display in a way to teach, about the real unseen world. And not to make money for my self, at this time. The imagery is so new so unreal, that i asked if you feel your 500 pixel is worth money, please donate to a chruch, not of your own, that helps real peaple in YOUR comumities.

100 pixels are NET avtars Imagery free net use.You note much of my free imagerys at 100 pixels are NASA, mars shots. This will change, as I move in to new, derection.

Hammer of Thor. < this project was put on hold ) Much like Mars is on hold. if peaple have no interest in subject, reguardless of how important it is. I move on, to what peaple think is important.

Even so this subject is of high interest to David and peaples studding reptials, The subject topic I wanted to display, these works in. When astray.

So these imagery will not be displayed, untill I find a good topic, to quitly post and give a statment to what its about basicly.

Much like Mars is on hold, I just have no reason to work on Mars. It just dosent pay, the bills of the planet yet.

In my humble oppinion, the information. i have on Mars, maybe 10 peale on the whole planet, have some idea, of the potenchial of Mars. They know we all won the lottlery, they dont know how it work or why, or even how to use read, or apply it.

reset complete ; NeT is still jumpy
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
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