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Originally Posted by
Chris Spivey[/B]

Perhaps the worst ambassador for the truth movement there has ever been

He got it into his head that one of the UK terror attacks was faked ... went and harassed family members of one of the alleged "victims" telling them no one died... and was arrested.

He has some basic conspiracy understanding, but he's not too bright
Could i just pick you up on a few pointers?
1 I very much doubt Chris Spivvey is "the worst' ambassador for the 'truth' movement, he has some interesting theory's about this farce that we call Government and Royalty over in this country.

2 In regards to him getting arrested for harassing the alleged victims, claiming over false flag terrorism, there's no smoke without fire and the event in question was the Woolwich one.
I say event as it has been said before that someone did die on that day but it was certainly not little drummer boy, who i also believe was a fake identity.

3 Define bright? Someone who doesn't speak with a golf ball in his gob? Someone who swears ....a lot?
Someone who has loads of Tattoos?

At least Chris gets off his arse and does something about it and tells it how it is, or at least how he sees it.
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