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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
his role would be to push through the new world order agenda

vancity you yourself have a thread going at the moment about how the NWO conspiracy control the right through the CNP in the same way they control the left through the CFR

so why is it so hard to understand that kissinger could be KGB AND CFR?
Kissinger is an agent of the Knights of Malta who are the current day crusaders of the Anglo American network. For you to call Kissinger a KGB agent, for this to be an accurate statement, that would mean that Kissinger has primary loyalty to the USSR. This can easily be proven not to be true. The USSR is long gone, Kissinger has been working for every US president since the 60's. The US brought down the USSR.

Its all the same thing at the top

Victor rothschild was working for british intelligence during the cold war while simultaneously feeding info to the soviets
I think some people are actively trying to foment world war like was done in the past.

So you have heard of double and triple agents right ?

Was Victor Rothschild feeding the Soviets accurate intelligence, or was he leading them astray ?

We can speculate all we want, but the end result is that the USSR no longer exists, and Rothschild agents gained full control of Russia after the USSR collapsed when they bought up the entire economy for pennies on the dollar. So I think its pretty obvious who these people were really supporting. Not to mention that Victor Rothschild later worked for Thatcher in the 80's. Would they really employ a person who gave away "secrets" to the Soviets.
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