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You have to realize the art of loot and plunder never ended with this small percentage of the elite. They are and historically have been the most successful looters and plunderers and pirates and it is imperative that they keep the masses they rely on for this completely unaware of the fact they will in time come to a neighborhood near you.

We are all potential victims to these looters and murderers from the north as we have always been. It never stopped and they do it as I type. Taking women and children and killing the men just as they've always done. They use the TV and mass media to sway the way the masses think and to control their focus and then come up from behind in the dark while they are all distracted. They rape all of us without prejudice!

Nirvana! Rape Me!

Rape me, Rape me my friend
rape me, rape me again
am I the only one
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