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Originally Posted by luten2012 View Post
I consider myself to have certain abilities that I have not harnessed to their true potential yet. I hear things sometimes, when my mind isn't busy, like a whisper in my ear. Usually when I'm lying in bed at night and I reach that place between being asleep and awake, apparently when it's easier for certain entities to communicate. These have been a simple "Hello" from time to time, other times: "are you there" and "help me" have been heard. Recently though I heard a really very sinister voice of a female in my left ear while going to sleep. Quite clearly it said "You will die"

What do you make of this?
I've heard one like that too, but it was the voice of one of my housemates at the time, it wasn't actually them because we all in seperate rooms and it sounded really close to my ear. It's just dark beings fucking with ya I've put it down to, creepy tho.
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