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Default Long Lost Family: agenda?

I don't watch TV, but my girlfriend does and one she regularly watches is Long Lost Family. I'm sure there is some agenda behind this programme, but until recently I couldn't quite figure what it could be. I don't watch it but I do listen to it whilst on I'm browsing this forum, and what I notice is the constant mention of DNA databases used to track down lost relatives. Is this being used to push the idea of databasing your information so that, in the future, people are able to track down people?, of course on the flipside used to store all of your private info?.

One ep I was just listening to, where one person who was looking for his rather asked Devina how they got hold of a photo, to which she replied "we found it on a database". I thought "so what database is this exactly?", though there was no mention of database this was.

There's just something about this programme I don't like, and I think it's being used to pull the heartstrings and used for something, what exactly I can't say, but my guess is what I said above.

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