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Originally Posted by sambrokyl View Post
I just can't be bothered with people who wilfully try to shut down sources of information by trying to discredit them because they hate the messenger. Sure AJ can be a bit of an arse and of course he has an agenda, every body has a bloody agenda. Like I've said many times, you don't need to believe everything someone says. Or even like it. Doesn't make all their information shit.
'Wilfully try to shut down sources of information'.

How about warn people about how much of a lying, manipulating **** someone is.

What really fucking surprises me is, you can show someone copious amounts of evidence of a person lying, purposely causing shit, and so obvious that he's not what some people think he is.

Yet, they'll still try and cover his ass and ignore these huge red flags.

No wonder we're in the situation we're in, some people just love to be lead.
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