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Originally Posted by zArk[ie] View Post
hang on... linking 'Muslims', ISIS and Begum is not fair (its possible but too generalised)

a bit like linking my neighbour a catholic, Paedo Priests and IRA

or my Jewish neighbour, MOsad and an Israeli soldier killing a palestinian child

IMO Begum should be treated as an individual by the Law. By the Law i mean the Common Law
no you are right there are many peaceful muslims and jews and catholics just living out their lives not hurting anyone

However i think we can still speak about demographics without straying into any area that might be construed as blind prejudice

So for example when we look at different groups within humanity around the world we can see that they have all expressed themselves differently. They have all created their own cultures, their own laws, their own value systems, their own belief systems, their own architecture, music, cuisine, dress, habits, festivals and outlooks

So I don't think it is unreasonable for the established people in one place to question how much input of a new culture that has its own value system, belief system, moral codes and so on is ok and how much begins to create a demographic shift that will then impact on their own culture

for example if you took 2.5 million white catholics and put them in a short space of time into a small muslim country then some people in that muslim country would begin to be concerned because although they may respect the rights of catholics to be themselves and have their own views they may believe that they also have a right to be able to live in a place where their own views and outlooks and values will not be altered by demographic manipulation

There's nothing hateful about that. Its a perfectly reasonable question to ask: how much change is ok before we start feeling that our own culture and values are being altered against our will?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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