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who helped ISIS the most, this dippy young deluded probably groomed girl or....

Israel, UK, USA, Saudi, the white helmets(ISIS in hats), and on and on who funded and are directly responsible for the ,crushing of Syrian ancient site and many many deaths?

But the (((media))) would prefer the counties anger directed against her, iTS HER FAULT.

Anyone spreading memes about this is letting the GOV control the narrative again, how easily we are led down garden paths.

If shes real or not is irrelevant, as its a 100% anger aim and distract story to shift blame for a failed coo in SYria. WHat now?

False flag imminent once they've shut down free speech for good.

They are fucking desperate now thats for sure, crawling out from every stone to shut down "antisemitism" i.e "the truth"

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