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Arrow This Is Spartiate

Directed by Roberto..
After Athens falls under the government of the Thirty Tyrants, the lives of citizens are no longer safe.. The philosopher Socrates, meanwhile, continues his so-called philosophical "preaching", gathering more and more young disciples.. The youth of Athens like Socrates, although the conservatives, such as the comedian Aristophanes, ridicule him, believing him to be one of the sophists..

A modern statue of Leonidas, king of Sparta..

Alan: This little talk is about how a structure in the mind is made.. Structures are buildings.. You build castles in the air.. You build structures of ideas in the method of programming that’s used on the public.. It sometimes takes generations to build a structure, an idea..George Bush, Sr. referred to this as the BIG IDEA when he talked about a New World Order coming into view.. Part of that was true; it was the end of a so-called Cold War system and the beginning of the next world empire that takes over, which had been discussed in many books, mainly in Britain, as far back as the ‘70's, but a BIG IDEA IS A MASONIC TERM..It’s not just a vision, it’s a BIG IDEA and of course, like all big ideas, you must first plant the seed.. Before you can plant the seed, you've got to get the soil ready and the seed will then germinate in the soil.. That’s called the preparatory work..Laconophilia (also known as Laconism) is love or admiration of Sparta and of the Spartan culture or constitution.. The term derives from Laconia, the part of the Peloponnesus where the Spartans lived..During classical antiquity, the Peloponnese was at the heart of the affairs of ancient Greece, possessed some of its most powerful city-states, and was the location of some of its bloodiest battles..Soldiers from the peninsula fought in the Persian Wars, and it was also the scene of the Peloponnesian War of 431–404 BC.. It fell to the expanding Roman Republic in 146 BC, and became the province of Achaea..The helots were a subjugated population group that formed the main population of Laconia and Messenia, the territory controlled by Sparta..Aristotle compares the helots to "an enemy constantly sitting in wait of the disaster of the Spartans"..The Sparta earthquake of 464 BC destroyed much of Sparta, a city-state of ancient Greece...

300 - First Battle Scene - Earthquake. No Captain, Battle Formations...

The technique that’s used on the public is as old as can be.. Old as mankind himself and you’ll find in Plato’s "Republic" where he talks about the ideal world utopian society run by a dominant minority called the guardians..They used all of the techniques of culture creation and culture creation is done by drama primarily, and symbolism, paintings, architecture, it puts ideas across to people; and in drama the onlookers actually emulate what they see.. The acting societies prefer to say they reflect society, but amongst themselves they admit they help create culture, alter culture and direct culture.. THAT’S THE JOB OF THE CULTURE CREATORS, and again going back to Plato, he also talks about music and that music was a powerful, powerful force for directing the minds of the young...


It was so powerful that Plato actually talked about LICENSING MUSICIANS because the effect it could have on the youth and he knew that too because he had followed Socrates. Socrates had to drink the hemlock because Socrates was secretly teaching the youth (the aristocratic youth) into the mysteries and he was teaching them that one day they could rebel and bring in a new type of utopian order.. The same as Pythagoras had done long before..

Zeus on his throne with his Eagle..

People basically are downloaded by entertainment into the ways that they will adopt and behave—with ideas, music, fashion, everything goes together to create culture.. Poetry of course was big in the 1800's and then radio and TV took over big time from then.. If you want to plant ideas in a psychological warfare scenario to disengage the public from a reality, you do it again through fiction, through the process of fascinating fiction, and then you take it into a realm of a twilight zone between fiction and reality by mixing the 2 together; so bits of truth with fantasy, wide speculation and then you build on it.. You build the structure.. You build the concept within someone’s mind.. The builders, the master builders – that’s what they mean by that, and it’s done over many years. An idea can take many years and even some generations to fulfill..

Hollywood is the HOLY WOOD.. It’s also the real holly – the holly tree, the bush that you take the rod from that magicians always use..You wave the magic wand like the little Disney characters does and the stars fall from the wand; you cast a spell.. Yet people are under the illusion they're in entertainment – tain.. It’s like TIN.. It means COVER. You enter UNDER THE COVER into the TENT of DARKNESS and then the light is shown and you are mesmerized..Today, we’re going through amazing changes, amazing changes with aerial spraying all over the world until people are getting used to it.. Some people can remember what clouds look like.. Some cannot and those who have NEVER LOOKED UP BEFORE, well, once you point it out to them, THEY HAVE NOTHING TO COMPARE IT TO.. They think it’s always been like that, but we’re being dosed like bugs from the air on an increasing basis..Lakenheath received its first McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagles in 1992..A US Marine Corps F-18 crashed after taking off from Lakenheath on 21 October 2015..Holly was right!..Boreham Caverns was a tourist trap!.

http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.c...Nov302006.html don't suppose you'd care to share that information with me?.. It hasn't got a name.. It's a new system..Sheer magnetism, darling..I wanted us all to discover it!.. Now where would you like to go?..

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