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Lightbulb Sprinkling of Klouds

Then I saw what happened..There is a clear blue sky, then the planes come and the trails criss-cross over each other, until they spread out into long clouds.. After that the sunlight dims..
They're going to try and out-do all the things they did in World War II, put on a "better show" for the public, and they will, because they have the sciences to do it.. Read up on the history of viral and bacterial warfare.. That's where your plagues will come from.. They can do all of the other things with the HAARP technology alone..Earthquakes, droughts or floods, and hurricanes, tornadoes—it's all in their treaty at the United Nations..So many things they could use, because it's all done by science, and they've been spraying us like bugs, for years now, and you can smell and taste the metallic particles in the atmosphere, pretty well everyday..

Geoengineering Watch..

In 1963, the Asquith brothers converted an old cinema building, the Queens in Castleford, into a self-service supermarket.. Another swiftly followed in the old indoor market at Edlington, near Doncaster.. Both stores traded under the name of 'Queens'.. Instead of converting an existing building, their next store was a purpose-built supermarket in South Elmsall, near Pontefract on the site of the old Palace cinema..When Norman left the company to pursue his political career, he was replaced by Leighton.. Walmart wanted to enter the UK market so CEO Bob Martin lobbied British Prime Minister Tony Blair on planning issues.. Asda, which at the time owned 229 stores, was purchased by Walmart on 26 July 1999 for £6.7 billion, trumping a rival bid from Kingfisher plc..Following the takeover, Asda retained its headquarters at "Asda House", opened in 1988 by the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher..

Asda Stores Limited..

Theatrical smoke and fog, also known as special effect smoke, fog or haze, is a category of atmospheric effects used in the entertainment industry..Whereas smoke screens were originally used to hide movement from enemies' line of sight, modern technology means that they are now also available in new forms; they can screen in the infrared as well as visible spectrum of light to prevent detection by infrared sensors or viewers, and they are also available for vehicles in a superdense form used to block laser beams of enemy target designators or range finders..Zinc chloride smoke is grey-white and consists of tiny particles of zinc chloride.. The most common mixture for generating these is a zinc chloride smoke mixture (HC), consisting of hexachloroethane, grained aluminium and zinc oxide.. The smoke consists of zinc chloride, zinc oxychlorides, and hydrochloric acid, which absorb the moisture in the air.. The smoke also contains traces of organic chlorinated compounds, phosgene, carbon monoxide, and chlorine..Various signalling purposes require the use of colored smoke..The smoke created is a fine mist of dye particles, generated by burning a mixture of one or more dyes with a low-temperature pyrotechnic composition, usually based on potassium chlorate and lactose (also known as milk sugar)..The use of smoke screens was common in the naval battles of World War I and World War II..The techniques and technology for creating smoke and fog effects are continually evolving...
http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.c...ril262007.html the hell were you two doing out there, Ben?..What were you and Jimmy doing hunting skitters, Ben?..And we will forever more, be keeping our eyes on the skies...

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