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So if as the clip in the geoengineering post shows the brother of Jeremy Corbyn knows that we are being sprayed and that it is a harmful process then i think we can be sure that Jeremy is aware of geoengineering

Also government shave been made aware of this by activists and yet they never respond on the issue. They respond on al sorts of other issues and these days they are petitioned regularly by groups like 38 degrees.

So why the silence on geoengineering? The deep state which is carrying out thespraying MUST have some kind of hold over governments to keep them silent on this issue.

The Israeli government have a policy called the 'samson option' whereby they have said that if they are destroyed they will use their undeclared nuclear weapons to destory everyone else and Germany has sold them 3 nuclear submarines so they have a carrier system for their nukes. This means those subs will be out there off the coasts of various countries ready to fire nukes at any given time.

So if the shadow government cabal that is manipulating various governments wanted to hold a gun to the head of a government how would they do it?

They could do it a number of ways. One way would be to show that government their ability to manipulate weather with which they could wreak havoc on any country that did not tow the line. The floods experieced recently in scotland could be one such show of strength

Another option could be to plant nuclear devices in various places that could then be used to threaten governments. As a recent interview on the Ritchie Allen show discussed there is actually a black market in nuclear weapons which is a scary thought because it means hardware can go to the highest bidder even if they are not the most stable or responsible. North korea has just carried out a nuclear weapns test to warn the rest of the world that it is not powerless to defend itself.

There was a story not too long ago about nukes going missing from an army base in the US where their manifest was not filled in correctly so it did not show their place of destination. This was covered by Alex Jones.

There was also a plot discussed to place nukes in charleston as a false flag attack. If the nukes were detonated they could then have been blamed for example on Iran and that could have then been used as a pretext for war.

So if the shadow governemnt wanted to tame Scotland who have recently shown their independent streak through a referendum that was then fixed so that they lost it, they could threaten Scotland in some way

Scotlands water is flourdie free but there was a story a while back about how some elements in government wanted to put lithium in the scottish water claiming it would reduce suicides. But lithium is toxic and would act as a pacifier on the population.

So clearly some people would go to the lengths of poisoning entire populations to achieve their ends.

Travelling around Scotland as i do I have noticed oil rigs parked off many of its cities. Why have they just appeared there? Is it due to the situation with the global oil markets at the moment? if they are just in for repairs then why are so many in at the same time?

It occured to me that they could be used as weapons platforms of some kind becauser i know that the people who own the 4 biggest banks also own the 4 biggest oil companies and that the cabal behind the shadow government have these resources at their disposal

The oil platforms could be used as microwave transmitters to modulate the mood of the Scots as they become increasingly agitated with westminster rule. Alternatively they could place nukes on the rigs and have them there as a threat.

This is of course all speculation but we are still left with the reality that governments are ignoring the geoengineering issue; that part is not speculation. So then we have to ask why?

Further to that we have to consider the possibility that politicians will not take forward the geoengineering issue in which case it falls to the public to force them by making enough noise about it on social media and the blogosphere

I often wonder how many beautiful sunny mornings i have to see vandalised by chemtrails before people will wake up on this issue and notice what's going on in the skiies above their heads; can they peel their gaze away from the tablets and iphones for long enough to take a good, hard look at the world around them before it's too late?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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