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Support for grass roots media provided by Beyond Vision TV

What is BVtv?

''Imagine an online TV station with its own stream, own on demand hosting, in house productions created at our professionally equipped studio. Imagine an additional outlet for content creators worldwide to share their creations, not give up their rights, not give up their additional income, just gain more exposure. Imagine a charity platform dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless, training young people – particularly those from a disadvantaged background – in every aspect of creating digital media from short films to live TV shows and therefore improving their life skills and confidence. Imagine an online TV station which does all this AND supports small businesses in their marketing and retail efforts. If you can imagine all of that then you have BVtv, and we’re ALREADY DOING IT!

We’re at the early stages but all the infrastructure is in place, key personnel ready, we already have three shows in full production with four more currently in pre-production and development. We’re reaching out to content creators and via our charity platform The Beyond Vision Foundation (which is a registered UK charity) we’re looking at our first intake of young people.''
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