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Originally Posted by kizzie View Post
Some great things in this thread. I myself have donated to Ken's project three times now, twice to Max's and have a premium account here to do my little bit for David.. I dont have much but what I do have to spare then they will get it. .. But like my thread I see yours also doesn't have much interest.

It puzzles me so much that people cry out for solutions and yet when someone else offers a few up they have better things to do .. My thread about Ken has a one star rating.. I was WTF how can any thread about that man be given one star. I dont care about rating thread but someone took the time to rate it as terrible.
Makes my head hurt.. Anyway great thread keep up the good work and thank you.
Thanks Kizzie, maybe you could link to your thread here?

I think a big problem is folk being stuck in what Icke calls the 'little me' mindset where people feel they can't really make any difference. This is why i'm saying that when lots of people do something it adds upto a lot so that people can realise that their small contribution is part of something larger. To really get a sense of that though people need to organise so that they act in concert; this is why i suggested the Full Circle Project as a way for people to link up and build movements; so if there is a particular campaign say for example petititoning the government to debate geoengineering in the parliament then a circular could be sent round the community at the Full Circle Project and enough support could be raised

The black lodge are highly organised and networked so if we want to resist their moves we have to start organising and acting as a community.

Don't be too downhearted if it seems there's no little interest as there are also many people off the forum that will stumble onto threads through internet engine searches; so there will always be outsiders that wil stumble onto solutions threads and they might be people looking specifically for those kind of ideas. If you get 10 people who take an idea you've mentioned and then they each tell a bunch of people and then those people tell even more people and so on then ideas can go viral pretty quick

So you don't need much interest to kick start something bigger. Keep heart and keep on planting the seeds...some will take!
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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