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Originally Posted by lesactive View Post
I sometimes tune my classical guitar to A432 and I do find it to be pleasant sounding, especially harmonics but before you adopt a conspiratorial tone (no pun intended) you may like to look into the history of consensual tuning practices. You'll find that it's not quite as you've written here. There has been wide variation as to what is considered 'A'.

As far as I can tell from the site linked below, the Paris Conservatoire was the first music organization to adopt A440 as a standard back in 1812.

American music industry adopted A440 in 1925.

American Standards Association adopted A440 in 1936. (New York Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony Orchestra use A442)


A432 has never been a standard anywhere that I could find. Except, of course, on conspiratorial-minded and spiritually oriented sites. As a musician I have a natural distrust of non-musicians telling me how it should be done. I could tune to A412 or A423 and still produce pleasant sounds and the notes will still be consonant with each other. It's a matter of scale. (pun intended)

here is some more information with music from scottish composer Stuart Mitchell who also talks about this shift in frequency

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