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Originally Posted by sipx View Post
Hi Max. How many MG depakote?

Have you ever tried omega3 fatty acid supplements? (Flax seed oil, fish oil, etc)...these have a positive effect on people with mood disorders, including myself.

(I was once diagnosed with bipolar disorder - the chemicals I was ingesting on the regular made me up and down) make sure to have her cut alcohol, smoking out of her diet - makes a big big change in mood.


Look - doctors are easy to throw out the diagnosis "bi-polar" these days, It's a simple diagnosis for a complex issue.

What kind of symptoms is she having? Is she rapid cycling? Is she more down than up? Let me know
I think the best source of omega oils is fresh ground linseeds &/hemp seeds. oils oxidise very quickly after exposure to the air & become rancid (this you dont want to ingest). an old hand coffee bean mill is ideal for grinding small seeds. also good for your pets. you will see their coats shin after a few weeks. the brain really needs these compounds from fresh seeds.
Check out Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's videos on food is your medicine and MUCH more.

There 'should be' 1000's of REAL, high quality photograph's of earth from space/moon all over the internet - WHERE ARE THEY?!
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