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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
Here's how I see it.

Metaphor and analogy are two of the key elements of poetry, and they're right brain hemisphere traits. The ancients often put things across in a poetic way. However, the way we're educated and the way that religion is taught is for the most part from a left brain approach, which explains why we're conditioned to view metaphors and analogies as literal.

This is why many people believe that a snake actually spoke to someone in a garden somewhere. Whereas when that story is re-examined, factoring in what's known about the reptilian part of our brain and its influence upon human behaviour, it finally makes sense, as a metaphor.

So if every instance where serpents and the like are mentioned in ancient literature or visual art is taken as being evidence of reptilian beings, it makes the same mistake as the religions have been making.
I wouldn't know. I am left handed and was unable to learn point blank.

Thanks for sharing that. I can see how that makes a lot of sense.
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