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I think that for too long men have been placed under immense pressure to be the 'protector' the 'breadwinner' and the 'head' of the household - It may give some men a sense of purpose but ultimately it stifles creativity, emotion and autonomy whilst simultaneously oppressing women.

I find it interesting that you think that women need men they can 'look up to' in my experience women seek a partner who is their equal - someone who shares their values and sees a similar future.

You say that men don't cry - perhaps they should be free to cry should they want to without stigma being attached and without being made to feel less 'masculine' for doing so - Perhaps if there not such strict gender roles men would not struggle to cope with the changes that have been happening in society as it shifts from being completely male dominated to a more equal one.

We should talk about the issues facing men - but rather than couch these issues in terms of men v women it should be about men and women and how we can create a society in which we are free to be the best versions of ourselves as we can be.

A society where...

Who goes to work and who stays home with the kids is decided by the people involved not because of an outdated societal norm
Equal pay for equal work
Where jobs no are no longer seen as being masculine or feminine ones
Where neither sex is objectified for their looks
Where expressing emotion is not seen as feminine but rather as human
Where the idea of Alpha and Beta males is no longer taken seriously
Where boys and girls are taught not to rape rather than not to wear certain clothing or go out at certain times of the day or drink
Where people treat each other as equals
A place where individuals can choose how they wish to live rather than having roles thrust on to them purely because of the biological circumstances of their birth.
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