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The following article today looking at failing mental health ie increased anxiety among young women in the UK

It mentions things like self harm. I absolutely do believe that all the social engineering today is going to adversly affect young women and there has also been newspaper articles saying that millenials are having less sex today often because of sexual anxieties

However i think that men and women express their anxiety in different ways. For example women will often find release through crying which then elicits a sympathy response from those around them

If the problems are deeper a woman might self harm but young men self harm too except they are less likely to cut their arm and more likely to drink heavily or behave recklessly for example by driving dangerously

Young men are also more likely to commit suicide

Men don't tend to cry and often express frustration through anger instead which is more destructive for themselves and others then crying or self harming; it is also more likely to drive people away from them instead of elicit sympathy which can lead the man to becoming more isolated

So i think these signs of problems in the youth of both genders is the result of a changing society that is being socially engineered through cultural marxism, marxist feminism and through endocrine disrupting gender-bending chemicals which are feeding more fuel into the politically correct identity politicis fire that is burning society down as people lose their sense of self in the world and become disorientated

Studies like this are the warning bells....but how many people are listening?

Mental illness soars among young women in England – survey

NHS study finds 12.6% of women aged 16-24 screen positive for PTSD, 19.7% self-harm and 28.2% have mental health condition

Sexual violence, childhood trauma and pressures from social media are being blamed for dramatic increases in the number of young women self-harming and having post-traumatic stress disorder or a chronic mental illness.

An inquiry into the state of mental health in England found alarming evidence that more women aged from 16 to 24 are experiencing mental health problems than ever before. “Young women have become a key high risk group,” it concluded.

Psychological distress is now so common that one in four in that age group have harmed themselves at some point, according to the government-funded Adult Psychiatric Morbidity survey. The number of women of that age who screened positive for PTSD has also trebled from 4.2% in 2007 to 12.6% – one in eight – in 2014, although the use of a more accurate screening tool in the new survey helps explain some of that rise.

read on here:
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