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Self-harm rates rising in men as economic downturn threatens their 'breadwinner' status
Men are suffering as they 'fail' to performed traditional gender roles following the economic crash, research has suggested

Siobhan Fenton
8 hours ago

Study author Professor Keith Hawton told The Independent: “The problems that occur following economic downturn and may therefore increase the risk of suicidal behaviour are multiple. They include fears of job loss, actual job loss, financial problems, impact on families and relationships, and, probably, increased use of alcohol.

“The apparently greater impact on men, at least in terms of suicidal behaviour, may be related to the primary importance of work for their self-esteem and their sense of being the bread-winner responsible for keeping families and (themselves) afloat. Obviously there will be significant impacts on women, including related to their working roles. However, the key place of work to the self-esteem of many men may mean that loss of work, or threatened loss of work, has a greater impact.”
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