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I have been meditating for at least 6 years now and I have yet to find a decent site on the net about a simple, non bullshit meditation.

The websites out there really over emphasise the attainment and goals and don’t focus on the small key points on how to get there.

The main thing you need to understand is that Meditation, Concentration and Awakening are the same thing. Many people ask ”Why meditate when I can just go to sleep?” Well meditation and sleeping are the exact opposites. I do understand why they think that because the terminology newagers use is confusing i.e. they say “I was lost in meditation” or “I was far away in meditation.” This sounds closer to some form of psychosis than meditation.

The main thing you’ve got to ask yourself is “What happens when I concentrate and how do I set about the conditions to concentrate on concentration.”

When shooting a gun, you concentrate naturally for 5 seconds or so but you need to learn the process which you can do this for much longer. Still…People good at aiming a gun might have better concentration skills than those who meditate simply because they need to concentrate to hit their target. A person meditating doesn’t have that kind of target so they never build up a high degree of meditation in any of their meditations even if they do it 3 hours a day.

It’s far better to have a millisecond of absolute clarity than 30 minutes of mediocre meditation. It’s also far more rewarding and fun to try to meditate perfectly for a fraction of a second than just to wait it out. I think it’s more natural to go for clarity than duration because when you get experiences, they’ll usually be over before you can say WTF??? It’s more natural this way.

Regarding time…I would say that if you time yourself, you should just count upwards and have no set time goal. In my experience whenever you set a predetermined time you will not try so hard and just wait it out but if you say to yourself “I’m going to meditate until I have a moment of clarity” then you will feel a burning desire to accomplish this which lasts throughout the meditation and I also find myself enjoying the meditation so much that I go further than my predetermined time limit anyway.

Regarding posture I would say that you need to be as comfortable as possible, forget having your legs behind your head unless it’s comfortable. Just sit down on a chair, there is no difference but remember you need to think about what happens when you concentrate and regarding posture, when you concentrate, your back straightens so a stool or sitting upright on a chair would probably be best. You need to completely relax though, when a person concentrates, they automatically relax their body and you need to do this, especially feet and hands Only after you can do this no more can you really start to meditate.

Eyes open or closed? This is a complicated issue that I have flipflopped on many times but now I think I really understand thanks to investigating concentration and alertness. If you were to look up and concentrate on a star you will probably see it start wobble and it appear to move. Imagine how hard it would be to aim a gun when you can’t even aim your eyes properly? When you concentrate your eyes fixate on the objects tightly. Your eyes respond very quickly to thoughts popping into your head and to have an object of fixation you can learn to still your mind by fixating your eyes. In other words, keep your eyes open! I can get into much higher states of alertness with them open than them closed. Also by meditating like this part of you will also be automatically meditating throughout the rest of the day and when you go to sleep you can have a closed eyed meditating which is much stronger than it would usually be.

Regarding the object to view…I would recommend viewing a pointed object like a pyramid, not because of the symbology (still that is good also) but because to fixate your eyes on a tip would help you pickup the tiny little movements in your eyes. Also it’s better than a picture because you can see it moving in relation to what’s behind it, in a poster or picture you can’t do that.

A lot of guru’s say that you need to silence your mind and this is very true, you do need to do it but I have found that if you just try to be awake and fixate your eyes then you will see that in order to do this, you will need to silence your mind and emotions naturally.

To relax your emotions…I rarely see guru’s talk about this but it’s also essential. The best way to relax my emotions is to listen. Imagine if you are in a dark place and you hear a rustling. Your body silences, you mind silences and you relax your emotions as your strain your ears to hear a potential danger approaching you. If when you meditate you incorporate everything around you from ticking clocks to close by roads, you will see that you need to also control your emotional baggage. It’s when you try to block out these little distractions will you find your emotions much harder to control.

As I said, you need to be absolutely awake and alert. I imagine myself to be a Samurai Warrior that is protecting his land and himself from assassins. If you imagine you’re in some life or death scenario like this then your going to see how important it is to be awake and alert. Obviously it’s only an analogy, I’m not actually thinking of this while meditating.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is your dreams to become much clearer and to the point. This may seem a bit strange but you’ll probably have dreams about being hit in the testicles. This kind of thing is common because sexual repression is the cause for being incomplete and I think your mind equates this to be hit in the nuts You might feel huge fear coming across you during sleep but like alcohol evaporating from your hand feels cold, it’s actually because the warm of your hands is making the alcohol evaporate, same as the fear is evaporating from you causing a feeling of fear.

Then as your getting to sleep you’ll probably start to feel energy being released up your spine and see dragon or serpent symbology along with it (although most times not). You might start to have dreams where concentration is required, especially musical dreams. Sometimes these dreams will put you into another state.

Then during meditation you will start to get to points where you feel a state of complete fearlessness but far from being an extreme sport kind of fearlessness, it will make you see that people are in fear constantly and meditation is really the first extreme sport which requires real courage.

After that I don’t quite know, this is how far I have got but believe me, if I had knew all this from the time I had started, I would have been able to make it here much faster. Just keep the above in mind while you go about looking at other Guru’s telling you about their bliss and ringadingdinging and poohadeewaha. Most guru’s can’t make money from a strong meditation so they make elaborate ones which need people to come to their workshops to learn and buy books etc...

You are the teacher and always be asking yourself how to cultivate stronger powers of concentration.

For the future, I would recommend start looking into alchemy because the things you create there can do a lot of the work by solving stubborn problems and infusing your with energy without much additional effort.

Alchemy, diet and fasting are the greatest accomplices to concentration there is. Once these have been done then perhaps you should start looking into more complicated meditations.

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