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Another vicious dog attack

Updated: Fri May. 08 2009 18:36:42

There's been another viscous dog attack in Calgary.

On Friday morning, a man was sitting on a chair in his driveway, on Tarawood Place N.E., when the attack happened.

"There were two dogs involved in the attack and the man's been taken to hospital and, as far as we know, has some fairly serious injuries," says Damian Cole from Bylaw Services.

According to bylaw services, the man had wounds to his legs, arms and head.

Witnesses say they saw a blue van drive up during the attack.

"The lady was chasing the dogs," says neighbour Peter Purba. "She chased the dogs, put them in the van. Another girl's driving the van, they put both dogs in the van and they ran away."

Bylaw officers are still looking for the dogs. "We were told they were reddish-brown in colour and small and muscular but there's no definite breed type," says Cole.

Meanwhile, a dog that attacked its owners last month has been euthanized.

The dog was walking with the couple in Saddleridge when it attacked and bit them.

Animal Services says the owners agreed the dog should be destroyed.

Officials say they had to wait for the mandatory ten-day rabies quarantine to pass. Jo-Jo was put down on Thursday.

A boxer-pointer cross that was responsible for attacking a woman and her child in Beddington is still awaiting its fait.

The owners don't want the dog euthanized so a dangerous dog hearing will be held on May 20th.
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