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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
This shit really pisses me off! I live in NC and I have 3 indoor cats. My wife insists on getting them their yearly shots because "it's the law". We already had one die from fibroid tumors caused by shots. When you think of the garbage they put into human vaccinations, imagine the shit that's in animal vaccinations. I got a card in the mail today from our vet listing all the shots one of our cats was due. I threw it in the trash before my wife saw it.
I totally agree! I think it's so WRONG to FORCE people to vaccinate their indoor animals. I have a cat who is also kept inside (always, and if she goes outside its only in the backyard with a cat harness) and she DOES NOT need to be vaccinated against something she will not get - the same goes for microchipping - she doesn't need one! The laws need to be changed.
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