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Originally Posted by cinder_darkskys View Post
Wow my friend Curlys right I did do well. with my time in the UK.
I'm truly humbled thank you. An of course these statement hang each of these Ass hole we hate Hate is such a harsh word. Extremely dislike what they trying to do.. Till I show up again. An then resoftin your hard heart.

Should we accept aliens? IF i call a Exterial a Alien. How should that living thing view us you an me. How much empathy should it show a life forum Which call any thing they don't under stand out there ALIEN.

The Word is use as a stereotype in order to change opinion. On something in order to make them less then or sub human. When really the opposite is true. Example every Canadian behavior is the same way We all the same.. It lessin the empathy or feeling of what is really happen. This is the propagation of hate. Making a human less then what they are.

Now put that in the context of the WORD ALIEN. something different Something fearful. But the really again we don't know that hence the question it self

Much love to u all Ty elshaper. What I do know elshaper. I gladly give My blood on the dance floor. to make sure each of you all are safe & enjoy life. is a price I'll pay. twice. It just my nature. Christ never ran from the Rommens because he had nothing to fear. like me he knew he is not going to die. The way people believe. you dont run from a mouse eating your grain u trap it.
I think aliens and ghosts are like us humans in a way that there are mixed bag. Some are good and some are not. Each entities have advantages and disadvantages depending on their capability etc. For example, ghosts would be totally reliant feeding on your energy. If you don't put a coin in the slot machine, it doesn't/can't work etc.
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