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I haven't seen it but if it's done really well, then there should be no fuss. My initial reaction is that a man should play the part. Yet when Peter Davison and Colin Baker took over, it didn't capture the imagination as much as their predecessors, especially Tom Baker. It's about creating something that really connects with the public, and whilst the two guys after Baker weren't bad, they had a tough legacy to follow. I doubt a female Doctor would have fared better.

It ought not to be surprising, really. All characters change with time and they reflect social changes. Back in the early 1970s, Jon Pertwee's Doctor was a touch more 'camp' than his predecessor. Roger Moore's portrayal of Bond also reflected the zeitgeist.

"Take our current Doctor Who for example. It may surprise you to learn that 'he' is a woman. We’ve always believed in giving women a fair crack at the whip. Not literally. That would be a dominatrix, which we also have in the BBC. There are currently three of them. Yeah, about three." (You can guess who I'm quoting.)

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