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This is interesting 'Willard' what you say about 8:23 . . .as I used to see 3:23 - it is also interesting as 3 is a vertical half of 8 (as a shape), so we are seeing something very similar, even if just partially.

I used to see it on digital clocks, like a video recorder or on microwave - things like that - it always was 3:22, then as I looked at it - it changed to 3:23 and I had a strange feeling like it meant something (almost like a frightening feeling, where the hairs stand up at the back of your neck).

It definitely means something. It has been written about often in mysticism - so others have noticed it. 11:11 is a different but related event.

The 1st time I saw it I knew nothing of the enigma of this or numerology or that it was something strange, it was 3:22am in the morning and I was sitting watching the TV (yes I was taking acid at the time . . .but some drugs as Icke and others notice are often portals to other realities or to the real reality) and it turned to 3:23am I said well that is early, i didn't look at a clock the rest of that day . . .then the next time I sat at that seat I looked to see what time it was . . .it was 3:22pm and as I stared it turned to 3:23pm . . . .I thought wow that is spooky . . .It was exaclty 12 hours later, to the second! but didn't pay that much attention to it, it was very strong acid . .. I was still awake that day - it happened again! yes I was still tripping and when I looked at the clock again it was 3:23am in the morning . . .that's when I freaked out . . .and I saw it continally after that (but then it was in my conscious so I noticed it more as I was aware of it)

I've done at lot of research about it and Anton Wilson gives interesting insights.

But what I have found and what resonates with me it that the number 322 is a number worshipped by the Occult / top tier Masons, particualry the Yale lodge of 'order of skull and bones' - it is related to the spirit world - i'll let you do your own research but it is certainly a number linked to the other side, spirits and the reptillian top level secrets. 33rd degree is called 33 for a reason.
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