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The powerful families who control all the biggest corporations don't like anyone working in the system that they don't have leverage over

There's that scene in 'in the thick of it' where during a succession crisis for the post of prime minister a politician has to sheepishly admit that she can't run for the post because she has a gambling problem except that wouldn't stop her in reality because the el-ite WANT compromised people to be in positions of power

Then they can say ''you WILL support such and such legislation in parliament or those photos we showed you of you with that young kid will be sent to the newspapers''


''you WILL support a war in the middle east or we'll stop using our freemasonic assets in the police to cover for you''

This is why centralised power is ALWAYS doomed to fail because then the people that have to be controlled in order to control the entire game are relatively few
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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