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Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
I feed them in the garden and go up hills and put some fat balls on trees up there, there are around 60 blue tits sheltering there at the moment, lots of berries for them to eat as well.

It's the starlings i worry about they are on the decline, there used to be loads of them

Although in saying that i saw about 20 in my back garden last week digging for beasties, so I'm hoping they'll keep growing in number. Wee scrawny diggers
MrsGMP bought some fat balls at the old homestead.
Put some out and stored the rest in the net bag they came in in a cupboard in the conservatory.
That cupboard became a mecca for mice.
Never seen so many mice.
Fat balls went into a biscuit tin after that and the cat saw off the mice.
Can't put anything out here at the new place cos the cat can get up the trees at the birdfeeders.
This past two weeks we have had a flock of Goldfinches coming into the apple blossom in the morning.
Not sure if they are eating the blossom itself or insects in the blossoms but when they are in there the blossom is falling out like snow. They are stunning little birds that we never saw back where we lived in rural Leicestershire.

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