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Originally Posted by notbuyingit View Post
OMG this is complete fabrication! The first RD new of any abuse allegations was when he turned up at the police station for interview. The family came back from Morocco and the evidence was taken to the police station. We know that AC did not hit the children before or after that holiday and armed with those allegations there is no way RD could have had contact with the children in the interim. That would make the sex in front of the kids also a lie. A woman who was offended by a dildo gift during her relationship with RD would participate in a sexual act in front of her kids? I am glad you qualified that with the words 'if true'. Sorry, but it certainly is not.
Smells like complete fabrication to me.

Originally Posted by alf hearted View Post
You don't know any such thing. You have the statements of a woman with a massive axe to grind to go on and you are buying them hook, line and sinker. Just because she says she was offended about being given a dildo as a gift, it doesn't mean it is true. Not knowing the facts and doubting what you are being told is far more rational than not knowing the facts and believing everything you are told.
Proof, please?

Originally Posted by alf hearted View Post
That Webre, w/e his name is, is one of the most gullible fuckwits I've ever encountered on the internets. Listening to him interviewing these people makes me want to reach through the screen and grab him by the throat. If he was pretending to believe these people he interviews in order to get them to commit themselves on audio/video, I'd be full of admiration for his schtick, but the guy actually believes every bit of bullshit thrown his way.
Strangely, I got the impression he didn't believe at least some of something, when I watched him on that interview ..

Originally Posted by ledingue View Post
Lol ... that's quite a contortion of logic!

So if "Satan" (whatever that word is supposed to refer to I've no idea) is the driving force for evil acts then I guess you refer to an armed robbery as a "Satanic armed robbery" hahahaha
Or less funny: when a paedophile rapes a child this is a "Satanic" act? And thus all child sexual abuse is "Satanic child sexual abuse"???

"Why do YOU feel that the ritual has to involve invocation of the devil to be satanic"
Erm... because that's the definition of a "Satanic ritual"... the clue is in the words used.

As I said, you're fooling no one. This whole "Hampstead cult" noise is all complete and utter nonsense and demonstrably so.

Besides Belinda McKenzie's team the only people who appear to actually believe it are those with profound psychological issues like Neelu Berry, or those who've watched one sensationalist youtube video and enquired no further because they absolutely want it to be true. Which of those three categories do you belong to then?
Pushing that very strong message, very strongly and authoritatively again. Why?

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