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Originally Posted by baboshka1 View Post
I am not sure which is more scarier JF or the people who listen to her and believe her
Belinda is the expert, she manages to create hoaxes, these go back to the early 90's when she set up Iran Aid and managed to disappear 75 million pounds from the charity funds,out of the UK into a foreign bank account, she also took the Hollie Greig case to it's full potential, standing back latterly and watching her lackeys get arrested and imprisoned, whilst she walks away unscathed.

The Hampstead case is no different, she selects her foot soldier's carefully. Belinda will only 'employ ' minions who show signs of instability, or can be encouraged to disregard the law and repeat or publish anything they are told to.

JF -Charlotte Ward is no different. She has been selected by Belinda and Sabine for the same reasons. JF - CW clearly has no compunction in naming innocent people, which is why Robert Green was used by Belinda, in the Hollie Greig campaign, he also was willing to do the same.

You can see this too by the way Belinda used Neelu. The whole Hampstead campaign is being promoted by unstable people, which is clearly showing on HR from the rubbish JF is posting. Sending accusatory letters to random people, then announcing to the world, quite proudly that it was indeed not who she had meant to send it to, it was the wrong person!

Belinda and Sabine don't give a damn about it, as long as their backsides are safe, they will continue to destroy lives all the while they have unstable people willing to do their dirty work for them.
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