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Have we seriously been so divided by our differences that we cannot see past them to stand together in the face of imminent danger of our possible extinction.

If the book of revelations is false and christianity used to control the people, the information was put there for a make the people think that they have no control over what happens. Overcome with fear or accepting of what comes.

If there is a god, and the bible is divinely written, then revelations is to warn of what is to come. We are also warned that there will be a false christ (?)

Are we just going to sit back and watch while our prison becomes smaller and smaller, when friends and family get sicker or drop dead in droves.

Does the noose have to be tight around our necks before we realise something is very wrong.

genetic an bio warfare:
"It's important to maintain our sense of humor, to allow ourselves to dream and to enjoy each day that we
are given. Sometimes freedom feels as if it will be temporary for some and never coming for others but the
gift of this moment is surely lost for those in government who are blinded by the need to control and own
our destiny."
Colin Andrews.
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