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to me atlantis versus lemuria is an age old battle/conflict. atlantis was not the lovley place they make it out to be. it was a civilisation highly advanced in weaponary, in using the earths resources/moming for gold, crytsals etc. had a strategy of colonising parts of the planet, imperialism etc. lemuria was a more spirtual one. this battle that occured between atlantis and lemuria, is spoke of in vedic scriptures, the rama empire, lemurians/arians moving to india etc. the atalntis civilisation was according to us indians very similar to tech based/power/imperial empires we see today, lemuria was a more spiritual, inclusive, soulful civilisation. the ancients talk about an old world war with vimanas/foo fighters, nuclear tech. i think they both had the same tech, just a different focus on its use. atlantis apparently tried to destroy lemuria, but was destroyed by its own misuse/greed and sunk. also the evidence for nuclear wars of ancient times are all over india, china, russia.

i think this why india had the oldest knowledge remaning, as when the lemurians moved into india/sri lanka they took it with them. whereas atlantis due to it sufden/unforseen collapse/destruction, lost its knowledge, or only a few could save it. now, heres another twist, the two powers controlling the two civilisations were most probably the fallen, divide and rule. hence the atlantis remnants from zigguaruts in central america from the surving empires from atlantis and the ziggauruts/pyramids of africa and asia.

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