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I just love anything about Atlantis & Lemuria. I can recommend a wonderful book by Diana Cooper called "Discover Atlantis" The basis of the book is all about reclaiming the wisdom of the ancients, spiritual changes going on in life now, the past psychic and technological advances and spiritual powers that where in place, where it was, what happened etc. It also goes through partnerships, animals in Atlantis, what happened in homes, alternative fuels and lighting from crystals, travel through levitation type devices, energy systems, temples, high priests, priestesses, links with Egypt, Atlantean energies, genetic healing, chakras, power of the mind, astrology, numerology, crystals in Atlantis & now, the year 2012, the twelve tribes and preparing for the new energies on earth now.

I have also read Atlantis by Shirley Andres, Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, Rudolf Steiner on Atlantis & The Lost Civilization of Atlantis by the spiritualist society of athens, Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue and finally Sacred Journey to Atlantis by Dr Norma J Milanovich. By far the best for me was the Diana Cooper one above "Discover Atlantis" So much of that book I could really resonate with.

Here are some good links to web sites about Lemuria and Atlantis:- (Edgar Cayce On Atlantis)

I remember reading with regards to the bermuda triangle that the original massive crystal type generators that were in place around the time of Atlantis, crashed and fell to the bottom of the ocean and became unstable and that is why their previous use not only as energy but as some kind of galactic portal affects planes, boats etc who are going past that Bermuda Triangle. Its all interesting stuff.
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