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Originally Posted by limelady View Post
Hello shenoma.

There are many here who would love to hear the truth. Are you interested in telling us what you have come to understand as truth? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The truth is the truth, no matter what, there isn't your truth, then there is mine truth. It is just your viewing it differently then me is all, it is always remains the same.

I dislike (hate with a burning passion) when people say they are god, they ain't. Yes, we are part of the god, but we are not the most high. To claim other wise wouldn't be the truth. We all hold such a small part of the divine it is not even funny. Also hate it when people dis the ego, there is nothing wrong with having one. What I learn from studying Alister Crowley's work is this: every single thing has a good point and bad one. If you ever get a chance to see his tarot deck, the Thoth one. It shows all the cards has a postive and negative points.

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