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Originally Posted by lumukanda View Post
i thought this would interest some people.

i also found this one here.

a map of atlantis, found here.

I don't think atlantis is in the atlantic ocean. Curious about Lemuria more than Atlantis tho all two places are interesting.

I hear Lemurians were these spiritual beings with this huge spiritual potential, then Atlantians came with a more materialistic concept of living.

The two cultures are legendary, fables, legends it is all that remains of them, that if they existed at all.

Those Lemurians with big hearts, wonder what happened to them.
We even got this kick ass song go with it.

I'll give it an A+

wow, old thread.
As far as I'm aware the only reference to Atlantis is from Plato and that's all we have to go on, anything else is hogwash.
And from the Egyptian pyramids, the text from the walls within the pyramids I think tells of Atlantis, it may be where Plato herd of it, anyway something in that light.

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