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Originally Posted by hadabusa View Post
best post ever.
Thank you, even though I typed that some time back. That is one of my largest frustrations with even attempting to explain these things to people within the conspiracy world. They often have a preset belief system, which gives them their own ideas concerning who is in control of the system and what they believe, and end up in fact being extremely ignorant of the actual nature of that which they profess opposition to. As a result I go through phases where I do not even wish to discuss such topics or bother trying to explain these things, other than a small handful of people I truely care about who prompt me to continue from time to time.

The extent of the belief system, structure of control and history of the system itself go so far beyond the reality presented to it, that most people are not going to grasp it, and that is done by design. We are given such a false view of the world to prevent the human mind from making the leap from their perception of reality to what is being hidden.

My release of information has not come without a heavy price or without retribution over the last couple years. So I apologise if I am not prompt in retyping old information or answering questions I've already answered on this forum when they are presented again in another thread. People such as me are never truely released by the PTB and pay a price for every piece of information we reveal.

I explained exactally what the owl at BG is in that post, take it leave it, but do your own research to confirm or deny my statements.
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