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Moloch's temple is still in Jerusalem.

America is where the spirit of Gaia is strongest, The Hopi say that Turtle island is where mother earth's vital organs are to be found.

The best names i've found for that bohemian grove statue is Tanit, Astarte, Neith or Isis. The statue looks more like the hieroglyph found in the spelling both Neith & Isis.

From my own studies i've chosen to use just Tanit when talking about the Illuminati & child sacrifices as this present time because of Obama being in power.

It is my belief that the top echelon of the Illuminati believe the great Berber Pharaoh Shoshenq has been reincarnated as Barack Obama & will lead them all unto eternal life by sacrificing all the rest of us.
The imaginings of the human heart are Evil all of the Time!
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